I would just like to take a moment to welcome those from all around the world who are visiting THE WHITE HOUSE website today!   It really is truly amazing to see where everyone comes from. 

If you are considering membership to THE WHITE HOUSE, it is best if you get a little insight into who we are as a group first.  This club is definitely not suited for everyone, so please continue reading this before moving on to the Entrance Requirements section.

  • Members of this club are serious LP players.  Each member is on daily, often multiple times throughout the day.
  • We are committed to constantly improving our popularity stats, and within the quickest amount of time as possible.
  • Members here love a challenge.  Whether it is winning first place in a club event, battling another club in order to steal their trophy, or trying to earn a spot on the Top 10 list...it doesn't matter.  We just love to WIN! If you are looking for an "everybody wins 1st place" type of club, keep it moving because we are definitely not it.  Rewards are given to those who actually earn it.  You don't get a reward simply because you exist and think you're wonderful.
  • Despite the naturally competitive nature we have, you might be surprised to see that we are actually very encouraging and supportive of one another's accomplishments.  There is no negativity or jealousy here.  We are genuinely happy for the successes of other members.
  • Because of our level of commitment to the game, we work really well as a team.  For example, if popularity bonuses are needed for a fight, it is safe to assume the majority of the club will have them activated.

So, if you think you might be a good fit, we would love to hear from you! 

Winter Violet, President of THE WHITE HOUSE